Discover your gifts!

A vital part of the discipleship journey is responding to the call to serve one another with compassion and mercy.

Here at FBC, we provide a wide variety of ministries that help meet the needs of our extensive congregation while providing opportunities for you to develop your particular spiritual gifts in caring for the body of Christ. Many servants are needed with giftedness in the areas of administration/ruling, mercy, prophecy, pastor/shepherd leader, teaching, encouraging/exhortation, serving/ministering, giving, and evangelism to accomplish these ministries. These areas of giftedness have often been referred to as the motivational gifts found in Romans 12.

If you are gifted toward a particular care ministry or other ministry, we welcome your help and support. If you would like to get involved but feel you need more training, we offer resources, classes and one-on-one discipleship to equip you for your particular calling. If you don’t know what your particular gifts are or need help understanding them, our staff can help. Call the church office at (540) 662-7743, email or begin using some of the surveys, forms, and tools provided on this web page.



Don't know what your spiritual gifts are? Here is a quick way to begin learning about them!

We feel as strongly as the Apostle Paul did in 1Cor.12:1 (NKJV)  “Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I do not want you to be ignorant:”

Consequently, we are providing a link below that should help you begin to learn about your spiritual gifts and ways that God may want you to use them in ministry.  One survey is for adults and the other is for youth. You might be very surprised with what you discover!  Then after you get the results of the survey continue to the “NOW WHAT?” section below.

To request Adult Spiritual Gifts Survey >>

To request Youth Spiritual Gifts Survey >>


Now that you have completed the Spiritual Gift Survey, where do you fit in the body of Christ? Let us help you discover where in the local body of Christ you might like to serve.  One should also consider another factor that seems to influence serving. For example, Spiritual Gifts seem to indicate the “What” one does in serving, but our personalities or temperaments are also important factors to consider. They often seem to indicate the “How” or even “Where” one serves. For example, are you Active/Outgoing or Passive/ Reserved? Or are you typically “People” focused or “Task” focused.  Or some other combination of those traits?

These aspects or combinations of aspects of one’s temperament often help us decide in which ministry areas or ministry functions we should consider serving. When you click the link below to send us additional information, the process of answering the additional questions should help you ‘zero-in’ on some ministry areas.  Someone from FBC will then contact you to help you consider your next steps.

Next Steps: Where Do I Fit in the Body of Christ?  Personal Ministry Plans & Goals >>

Other tools to help you decide the "who, what, where, and how" of serving

Personality and Temperament Survey >>
Chart of FBC Ministries That Need Your Area of Giftedness >>
How Your Personality Influences Your Ministry Choices >>