Each of us gets stuck in life.  Let us help you.


Pursuing Personal Purity

This confidential 12-week course is available on an as-needed basis, offered by several men who have either been part of designing the course or who have successfully taken the class and helped others with it. It is a course for men who struggle with pornography, lust, and temptation of sexual impurity. If you are in the middle of this battle, we want you to know there is hope and help available for you. Get a better insight into the problem of lust and sexual addiction, and find support and guidance in finding the way out.

This is a confidential support group. If you have questions about the study, wish to join, or want to talk with someone one-on-one, use the contact form to the right and your request will be sent to our facilitator. Generally, the course takes 12 weeks and involves a weekly two-hour meeting and weekly homework. For more information on this support group, use the Contact Us form or call the FBC office at 540-662-7743.



SAS: Healing by God’s Grace

SAS stands for Sexual Abuse Survivors and this ministry seeks to connect women with the message of grace in God’s word and how it brings about healing for those whose lives have been impacted by sexual abuse or assault.  This may be done in one to one or in small group study with discussions facilitated by a biblical counselor.  Group sizes are intentionally kept small (3 to 5) and information shared is confidential.  For more information, contact Laurie at

Restoring Hope

This is a 12-week course offered on an as-needed basis for women whose husbands struggle with pornography, adultery, and immorality of various kinds, including chronic lust. It is led by a woman who has walked through this same struggle and has helped other women work through it. To meet with someone and work through the Restoring Hope class, or for more information, use the Contact Us form to the right, or call the church at 540- 662-7743 to be put in contact with the facilitator.


All counseling communications will be kept confidential.

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