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Surja Tamang—Bhutan

Our church building is small and it gets congested for us, so we will have to extend our church building.

We need two toilets or two bathrooms because when we hold our pastors meetings there are usually 20-25 pastors and only one toilet, which is my personal one. Please pray for this to be figured out..

My daughter is studying in private college. She is staying in a hostel at her college, and the hostel fees are very expensive. Please pray for the Lord’s guidance in acquiring the funds.


Gopal Mainali—Nepal

Lift up mature leaders in the villages that we visit.

Pray for our school, Eden Garden English Boarding School. It is very hot here in Nepal. The temperature is more than 45 Celsius under the metal roof. Praying to fix zipson board ceiling under the roof.

Pray for Rupee, a woman who is sick & the doctor cannot find any disease. Her daughter-in-law brought her home near our village and called us to pray for her. We are praying for her and telling her about Creation to Christ.  We are meeting with the family everyday. We are praying for the family to be saved in Christ and healed from sickness too.

A couple from high cast (priest of Hindu) came to Christ 2 weeks ago. Lydia was demon possessed. They listened to the Bible story "Creation to Christ" and now trusts in God. They became Christians and also, Jesus healed her from sickness. Please pray for them. They are going back home 120 km west from our village. They may have persecution from their family. Their family have been messaging and have threatened them.

Big opportunity  in His ministry, but very few workers. May God send many workers in His field.

Personal request: we have some land to sell to complete my house that we made last year. May we find a buyer for the land.