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Augustine Arumugum
Kindly pray for...
1. Our family (both mine and Rethinam’s) members to come to know Christ.
2. Pray for my second elders sister’s family and nephew who understands the gospel; but have a difficulty to attend the church.
3. Pray for my discipleship materials preparation and translation works.
4. Pray for us to disciple our men to be elders.
5. Pray that God will continue to keep us united (all 3 of us and our families) and serve Him together
Man Prasad
1. Firstly my prayer request is for my family to know and grow more in spiritual knowledge of God and physically.
2. Secondly  for our church, we are very few families so that we can grow spiritually and in numbers.
3. Thirdly for my 9 nine brothers & 3 sisters and their families from same place are all unbelievers. I wish them to know the truth.
4. Lastly for our village(Charhajare) here the people are strong Hinduism. Let them be interested in knowing our God.

Reuben Shankar
1.  Praise God for adding 2 more souls in our Church, and pray for their spiritual growth.
2.  Pray for my personal spiritual life and growth as I read the scripture along with the book ‘None but the hungry hearts’ in my personal devotion.
3. Pray for our Church as we are going through the creation to Christ lessons chronologically.
4. We have two fellowships: 1. Namguigai Bible Fellowship (about 20 Kms from here) and 2. Koirengei Bible Church (about 35 kms). Please pray for the members of these fellowships.
5. Pray for my mom who is physically weak and gets sick time to time.
6. Pray for the orphans that we are taking care and teaching the love of Christ. * Praise God for a number of individuals from FBC who have faithfully helped support our children, and also FBC for supporting the ministry here in Manipur.
7. Pray for an unfinished work in the orphanage i.e. putting up walls in the rooms on the first floor. Roofing has already been done.
8. Pray for my health- Time and again (especially in the evenings) there is pain from my left shoulder – colar bone through the arm and hand and also left ribs. Its been a week. Last two nights I had sleepless nights.
9. Praise God because in Christ Jesus we are sufficient.