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William Khisa--Webuye
1. For the church’s construction
2. Establishment of believer’s faith
3. Williams family, that they shall be more established in the faith
Zacheus & Gloria Chemeltorit--Pokot
The prayer requests are as follows:
1. As a family that we shall continue to grow in His grace.
2. That the leadership teams trained will be grounded in the truth.
3. God to continue giving us the grace to share the truth to His people.
4. We as a family are trusting God for a piece of land of our own to cut costs on rental expenses.
5. That Gloria would have a job to help support the family and Ministry.
6. For Gloria to be able to complete here exams successfully.
7. Pray for the boys at school (Lewis and Louis) as well as Bethany to grow up in the knowledge and grace of God.
8. That the leadership team, in Pokot and Kenya at large, will be able to continue sharing the gospel truth as God opens the opportunity.
We really value your prayers and encouragement.
In Christ's grace alone
Zacheus and Gloria
James & Veronica Lomerimuk—Pokot
1. Pray for the ministry God has given to us down the valley( Chepareria Churches) to grow in the knowledge of God's word.
2. Uplift us in prayer for the construction of permanent structure at Chepareria.
3. Pray with us in the need of having leaders who are going to teach others.
4. Pray with us, to have a small vehicle to assist us in the ministry.
We are trusting God and we do believe that everything works for good for them who loves God.
Thank you and be blessed.
James and Veronica.