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Joshua & Melissa Yakubu—Nigeria
1. We continue to thank God for his faithfulness and the grace he has showed us.  He is helping us grow daily through his grace alone in our relationship with Him and within ourselves as a family.
2. Pray for Joshua's added responsibility in the office as he oversees all the Cross Borders missionaries outside Nigeria. This year through FBC we were able to introduce the message of Grace with missionary couples from 8 different countries. Pray for the impact of the said message on the missionaries lives and their ministries.
3. Joshua’s desire to see that all the countries he is overseeing to be able to conduct the grace message with them,  pray for the said plans and God's provision.
4. Pray for the sickle cell ministry that we are involved which came as a result of our experience as a couple. Pray for God to give us the needed wisdom and support to work with them and encourage them to trust in God. Part for the ministry has to do with creating adequate awareness on how such sickness could be avoided by young people who are yet to get marry. We discovered the church is doing less to create adequate awareness on this, therefore we have taken the burden of creating awareness on the said disease.
5. Melissa is doing volunteering work on trauma healing among the persecuted Christians in Nigeria which is really yielding great fruits. Pray for good health for her and divine protection as sometimes she travel to dangerous areas.  
6. Pray for academic excellence for our children. Pray for God's provision for our children school fees and Melissa school fees.  
7. There is a strike going on in the universities in Nigeria which has affected Melissa's studies. Pray for the said strike to be call off please.
8. Thank God for keeping us save despise the daily crises and killing by the Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria.
Once again thank you so much for the willingness to pay for us.
In His grace alone,
Joshua & Melissa.
Simon & Ruth Yako—Nigeria
1. Pray that the Lord will continue to give us the courage to share the gospel.
2. Pray the love of God will overcome every evil plan against Christians
3. Pray that many souls will come to the Lord.
4. Continue to pray for the 2019 coming elections that God will choose a man after his heart
5. Pray  that God will protect the country from further bloodshed.
6. Pray for God's protection as we travel to encourage the missionaries in the field.
Thanks so much.
Simon and Ruth
Joseph & Agnes Sukukum—Nigeria
1. Pray God to continue to the end with His grace and mercy in our family
2. Pray God to continue to order our steps in accordance to the purpose He recreated us in Christ.
3. God's heart’s desire is on the Great Commission. Pray God to do it through us throughout our lives on earth.
4. Pray God to enable me and Agnes to be more committed in training our children in God's way.
5. Pray for our good health
6. Pray God to protect us from the attacks that are prevalent in Nigeria.
7. Pray for peace and stability in Nigeria
Thank you for taking your time to pray for us.
Joseph & Family
Cedric & Pauline Chippendale—South Africa
1. Pauline have been ministering to a lady and her 30 year daughter who is a cancer patient. This lady has a radio broadcast on the radio in this region and invited Pauline to share her testimony to her audience. Pauline accepted the invitation and the response to her testimony was very positive. She has been developing a relationship with lady over a period of 11 years and has gained her confidence. Recently, this lady’s 30 year daughter received a devastating diagnosis of advanced cancer. Pauline, being a cancer survivor, was asked by her friend to counsel this young lady. Please pray for sensitivity to the Lord’s leading in trying to share the gospel with them.
2. Pray for us as we continue to provide leadership training for pastors and  their churches. There are a number of training seminars that are planned for 2019. Please pray for health and protection as we travel to the areas and that our ministry will be acceptable to the saints.
3. Please be in prayer as we continue to develop teaching materials to be taught in our context. This involves the translation of materials into the local language.
4. Pray for as us have started a mentoring study with mainly Malawian nations living in our area. We meet every Sunday for a meal and study with our Malawian brothers and sisters to train them in the Scriptures. The goal is that when these dear saints return to their home country, they will be in a position to strengthen the Malawian church.
5. Pray for our church plant. We are part of a team in establishing a church that is Grace-based and Grace-driven here. Cedric is assisting with the teaching and preaching while Pauline is part of the worship ministry.

Please continue to pray for the on-going health for both Pauline and Cedric and our family.
Cedric and Pauline Chippendale