1. Praise God for the unity of the church leaders in Malawi. This is a boost for the growth of the church.
2. Thank God for the understanding of the Grace message which has begun recently among our pastors and church elders.
3. Praise God for the testimonies we receive from our church leaders as to what the teachings of Creation to Christ is doing in their lives.
4. Ask God to create more desire for us to understand and live by the grace message.
5. We have translated and edited “Positioned in Christ” and are waiting for printing. We have a plan to rent an office in Blantyre for the work of our subsequent translations and other Church’s documentary activities. Pray for God’s provision.
6. ECWA from Nigeria plans to inaugurate the church in Malawi soon. Pray for the success of the anticipated event.
7. Pray for God’s direction for Joseph and Agnes as they travel back to Nigeria for furlough in a distant time.
8. God willing, we shall be having Cedric in Malawi from Nov 19-24, 2017 for the continuation of the teachings. Pray for his safe flight, safe travels for our Pastors from their various stations and the success of the conference.
9. Pastor Samson James, one of the Malawian pastors with ECWA, will be returning to Malawi from Nigeria on 12-10-2017 after finishing his 3-year diploma program on missions. Pray for smooth rounding and safe flight back home.
1.  Pray with us on church construction,
2.  24th November 2017 we shall be taking Sunday School Children for Retreat,
3.  25th - 31st December 2017 Youth Conference Week. Targeting 70 plus to take them through POSITIONED TO CHRIST LESSONS.
4.  Pray with us in us on Mary and Clare who are widows in bringing up their children. 
5.  Pray our forthcoming repeat Presidential Election. 
Thank you for praying with us and God bless you all.
Your brothers in Christ
We do ask you and FBC to pray for the support of our children while in school.  Secondly, the Lord has given us an opportunity to be in charge of all AIC churches in Pokot.  The bigger the role, the bigger the need. There is a need to have a car to travel to all these places for easy management and overseeing.
Pray that our local church gets funding to set up a building for Sunday school. The church is also praying to get an assistant pastor to help me while away together with brother Moses who is my Timothy.  Pray for more time to study God's word.
Lastly, pray for our ministry that the Lord will continue to give us more strength and energy for training pastors to deeply explain to others whats all about grace.  We are confident that the spirit of God will enlighten and give them the desire to learn.  Many places still seek our guidance.  As we agreed earlier, our focus now is more on training the key leaders from various locations.
May I close for now and pray that the Lord Jesus will answer accordingly. 
God bless you all.
 In Him,
1. Pray for the 6 churches that I oversee to hold firm the Word of faith.
2. Pray for my family. We still have to walk for two miles to draw water.
3. Pray for our country during this election period so that peace may prevail.
4. Pray for Zacheus as he is preparing for his wedding.
5. Pray for the churches that are in Uganda; they have challenges of teachings and new requests to start new stations.
1. That God will continue to use us in teaching the churches (key leaders as we teach and train).
2. Pray for the translation work of the Swahili Sengwer, and Marakwef lessons.
3. Pray for us as we teach the key leaders that we may grow in grace and they may also grow in their understanding of Christ’s grace.
4. Pray for Kenya as we go for the repeat elections on October 26, 2017.
5. Pray for me and the preparations for my wedding on November 4, 2017 and all the needs therein.
6. Pray for the Pokot-Morakwet border for peace to prevail since many people are being displaced due to interclan fights and enmity.
7. Pray for one of James’ churches that is in need of a structure for worship.