Pete Bitner - Togo

Please pray for:

1. us to find rest in our Heavenly Father, spending time with Him each day, depending on Him, and seeking to bring glory to Him in each part of our daily lives. Our next few weeks and months are very busy and we don’t want to risk going throughout our days and doing ministry in our own strength because, in our busyness we’re leaving our Father out of things.

2. our older son, Andrew, who is a student at Cedarville University, asking the Lord for spiritual growth/depth, 1 or 2 especially close friends, and an internship in business for this summer.

3. our other son, Josiah, who is a senior in high school at a missionary kids’ school in Niger, asking the Lord that he will grow spiritually, have more confidence, and that he will know what he should do this coming fall (which college, what major, etc.).

4. us to have opportunities to share Jesus with our neighbors and friends who are from another religion.

5. Pete as he teaches a weekly Bible training class to a dozen local pastors, missionaries, and church leaders who are already involved in ministry yet have had little or no training.

6. Carolyn as she visits local Ko*okoli missionary and pastors’ wives seeking to encourage them.

7. four Lokpa pastors who are translating the FBC materials from French into Lokpa, their mother tongue. They are almost finished with the Growing Believers’ series of book studies.

8. the bi-monthly meetings that these same 4 men teach for Lokpa pastors, training the pastors how to teach the Growing Believer lessons to their congregations.

9. the 3x/year gatherings that Pete has with our French-speaking Togolese pastors (all of the non-Lopka pastors), studying through the FBC materials, but just further behind in the series.

10. newly started groups where 5 of the French-speaking men who have been involved in Pete’s training over the last several years will now start to train elders in their regions on how to teach the FBC materials, going through/sometimes actually teaching the lessons that these men will then teach to classes at their churches.

11. a few of our pastors who are translating the FBC materials into the Gormantche language of northern Togo, their mother tongue.