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 A growing audio and video collection of lessons and classes from gifted teachers in our body.



2nd floor above the auditorium [view campus map]
Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer, 9:00 a.m. and 10:45 a.m.
Classes run concurrently with the Sunday morning services. Most attenders will join our corporate worship for one service and then attend the class of their choice during the other service. See the listing below for classes currently being offered.

9:00 a.m.

It Starts at Home,  Room 2-1. This class will offer Biblical, workable and realistic strategies for parents and grandparents to help make the home a place of intentional spiritual formation for each family member.

Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands, Room 2-2 a/b. “God’s plan is that through the faithful ministry of every part, the whole body will grow to full maturity in Christ.” With videos and discussion of the book by this title, this ALC will help people of all maturity levels grow and learn how God uses Christians to strengthen each other.

The 12 Points that Prove Christianity is True, Room 2-3. False ideas intent on undermining and destroying the Christian faith bombard us daily. This course will provide the antidote to those false ideas by building the case for Christianity.

Living Missionally, Conference Room A. How hard is it to live the kind of life that naturally draws people to Jesus? This class is designed to give you tools to live your life that is simple and genuine — in order to reach others for Christ.

Philemon, (Women Only), Conference Room C. “Joy and Hope in the Trenches of Life.” This study of the little, but powerful book of Philemon will explore how we can maintain joy and hope in our Christian walk and in ministry.

Genesis - Young Adults Class (18-29), Conference Room B.  Genesis is the essential book, the launching pad for understanding the gospel. Come and discuss these great and unbelievably relevant truths with us.

10:45 a.m.

I Timothy, Room 2-1. Paul’s purpose in writing I Timothy is that Timothy might know “how to conduct oneself in the church of God, the pillar and support of the truth.” (I Timothy 3:15). Church leadership, sound teaching, and the care of God’s people are addressed in this book and as applicable in the 21st century as in the 1st century. We invite you to join us. (Fall and Winter Semesters)

Revelation, Room 2-2 a/b. Join us for an exposition of the Book of Revelation. Learn how God intends to resolve human history with the glorious return of Jesus Christ! (Fall, Winter and Spring Semesters)

Encore, (60+), Hospitality Suite. Knowing that grandparents are the second greatest influence in the life of a child, next to parents, Encore is presenting an 8-week class with videos called “INTENTIONAL GRANDPARENTING .” Join us beginning September 10—October 29, 2017.