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2nd floor above the auditorium [view campus map]
Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer, 9:00 a.m. and 10:45 a.m.
Classes run concurrently with the Sunday morning services. Most attenders will join our corporate worship for one service and then attend the class of their choice during the other service. See the listing below for classes currently being offered.

9:00 a.m.

Culture Shock, Room 2-1. Society’s polarizing issues can enrage us. But, shouldn’t we engage?  Using the DVD series “Culture Shock” by Chip Ingram, we’ll explore topics including right and wrong, sex, homosexuality, abortion, politics, and the environment.  The bible is not silent on these issues or on their impact on our families.  Join us…and consider attending as a family!

1 John, Room 2-2 a/b. The disciple “who Jesus loved” was chosen to pen an epistle, pointing us to a deeper and more intimate fellowship with Jesus Christ, like John himself experienced. Join us as we study the epistle of 1 John and examine what this fellowship actually is and what is necessary for it to be our experience too. 

Intermediate Biblical Counseling, Room 2-3. Based on the six steps of the Biblical Counseling Ministry, students will better understand and use the Bible with others struggling with depression, anxiety, marriage, parenting, codependency, spiritual warfare, abuse, and more. This is a great refresher for counselors with some training already under their belt. 

Genesis, Young Adults Class (18-29), Conference Room A. Genesis is the essential book, the launching pad for understanding the gospel. Come and discuss these great and unbelievably relevant truths with us. 

10:45 a.m.

Walking in the Dust of the Rabbi, Room 2-1. This class is an 11-week DVD series by Ray Vander Laan for us to understand the Bible's geographical, historical, and cultural contexts of discipleship. We will be able to better apply the pertinent Biblical passages. Classes will include a 30 to 40 minute video on location in Israel, along with discussion questions and home studies. We’d love to have you! 

Revelation,  Room 2-2 a/b. Join us for an exposition of the Book of Revelation. Learn how God intends to resolve human history with the glorious return of Jesus Christ! (Fall, Winter and Spring Semesters) 

New Testament Survey, Part 2., Room 2-3. This is a continuation of the New Testament survey we began last quarter.  The books of I Thessalonians through Revelation will be addressed.  The class is designed to give information such as authorship, purpose, major themes, the historical context, and the culture.  In addition, we focus on how each book applies to us in 21st century.  Come join us.

Encore(60+), Hospitality Suite. The “Getting into Spiritual Shape” class is based on Romans 12 and will depict what a mature believer in Jesus Christ looks like. This chapter sets the bar of God’s definition of love.  Join us in our journey as we are all still "under construction."