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Fellowship Bible Church is unique in that we carry out our own missions program instead of supporting other agencies to do it for us. We maintain one-on-one contact with our partner churches around the world, and our staff travels regularly to support, teach, and help equip international church leaders to develop their local congregations. The Lord has graciously given us the staff and resources to do this. As a result, we can offer our congregation the unique opportunity of getting hands on in the mission field.

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Currently, FBC Global Missions is partnering with churches and their key leaders on 4 continents, to strengthen well over 1,000 churches through teaching, discipleship, and leadership development. Our current mission field includes Mexico, Ecuador, South Africa, Benin, Togo, Nigeria, Malawi, Kenya, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Bhutan, Nepal, and other Asian countries, as well as several missions here in the United States. 

The focus of FBC missions is on people – real people with real needs and the privilege God gives us to come alongside these real people and partner with them for the sake of the gospel. FBC partners with Christian leaders and missionaries around the world to strengthen already existing churches by teaching, training, and equipping them with the needed resources. Our desire is to see Christ-centered, Holy Spirit-led, biblically- based churches take root around the world and help them move toward becoming all that God has called them to be.

For a more detailed overview of our missions program, the churches and missionaries we support, look for our Missions Booklet at the Information Center outside the main auditorium. Get a feel for the heart and focus of our global missions program as you learn about our history and understand our core values.



We are committed to sharing the gospel rejoicing in it's transforming power.  Demaj is a young man, 14, who at a camping trip last summer prayed to receive the Lord!  A transformed heart and a new spirit is hard to hide and it wasn't long before family, friends and teachers began to wonder at Demaj.  

This former angry, fighting boy who was failing school became kinder, gentler and began using his influence to encourage Church, even bringing his Bible to School.  His faithfulness in Church was noted by his family who saw an opportunity to unload their children for the day.  Demaj willingly babysits a hoard of siblings and cousins each Sunday.  Demaj's entourage of children and youth each week is extraordinary.  Curtis has taken on the role of discipleship and holds a youth boys Bible Study.  We see the Holy Spirit active in Demaj's life.  

He shared that he was wresting with attending a house party where drugs and alcohol would be present but finally decided to spend Friday at his home because he felt that God would not be honored by him going!  Later he learned that a fight had broken out and shots had been fired.  God has surrounded Demaj keeping him safe even when an older man pulled a gun on him and threatened to kill him.  Demaj's complete transformation at school from failing to thriving from suspension and disregard for the rules to a courteous, self-controlled young man has astounded his teachers and principal.  

Melody Elementary School Principal Ms. Tillman reached out to our Church and we have begun partnering with her.  Our children's workers are called to the school when children are unresponsive, violent or need to talk.  We have been encouraged to hold prayer meetings at the school and share the gospel in our counseling sessions with children.  On the first day of school our Pastor and Church members were invited to host a prayer gathering on school grounds to pray for the staff, the children and the parents as they entered for a new school year.  The testimony of the children whose lives have been transformed by God and the ministry of our Church is a testimony to the power of our Lord here in Garfield Park!  Pray for Demaj, pray for his family that struggles with poverty and unimaginable pain and for all of our children who live transformed lives in evil, dark places to shine for the glory of God.










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