Partnering with churches around the world.


We have been primarily involved in global missions since the early 90's.  We have never lacked opportunities to be involved in the lives of people or the ministry to churches.  From the beginning, the missions committee has presented ourselves to the Lord and trusted Him to bring whomever He would; He has been faithful to do so.

It all began with a visit from Julius and Rachel Murgor in 1993.  The Murgors are a couple from the Pokot Tribe in northwestern Kenya.  At a meeting with the missions committee and the Murgors, Julius was asked; "What is the greatest need in your ministry".  His answer; "Leaders - we desperately need leaders."  We asked, "how can we help".  His response, "if you could help us build a training center where we can bring our men in to train several times each year, that would be a great help."  That year the FBC missions project raised  $7000 for the training center.  Some time later, we asked if we could come for a couple of weeks and hold a training seminar at the newly completed training center.  Permission was granted and God opened the door to a whole new way of doing missions at FBC.
Not long after our visit with the Murgors, Mark Carey (Senior Pastor) took a trip to Mexico and met with Raul Santana.  Raul had planted seven churches in Mexico.  During Mark's visit, Raul shared that these churches  were struggling and the greatest need was leadership development.  This opened an opportunity to partner with these churches in Mexico.

Soon after, we began corresponding with James Shankar, a Nepalese Man living in India.  FBC had been financially supporting James and his wife Lali for a number of years but had no direct contact with them. During this period of time, we sent out annual update questionnaires to each of our missionaries asking some probing questions about their finances, lives, and ministries.  James wrote back explaining that he and Lali were really struggling; they were raising nine children, living in a dilapidated old house, on $71 per month.  Immediately, we raised their support by $50 per month, sent $900 through the mission organization to make necessary repairs on their home, and sent a letter to advise them.  Several weeks later, we received a thank you note from the Shankar's with this comment; "Thank you for your willingness to help us financially, I hope we get it".  Our thinking was, "I wonder what he means by that comment."  We waited for a letter saying that the finances had arrived, but that letter never came.  So we began a year long search through the red-tape of two mission organizations who were pointing the finger at each other.  Eventually we saw no recourse but to by-pass the mission agencies and fly to India for the purpose of trying to help the Shankars.  When we finally met with James in the South of India, we found that finances were just the tip of the iceberg; the churches were really struggling due to poverty, illiteracy, and lack of leadership.
Wherever the Lord took us during that period of time, the problem was the same; a lack of good, solid, Christian leaders in the churches and it wasn't long before we found ourselves traveling to Mexico, Kenya, South Africa, and India doing training seminars for national church leaders.
The best description of our missions program is probably found in Acts 14:21-22; 15:36; 18:22-23; 1 Thessalonians 3:1-2.  Like Paul, and Barnabas, Timothy and Silas, the Lord has been sending us out to teach and disciple, to encourage and comfort, to strengthen and establish His churches and ambassadors.

Currently, we are working with key leaders in the following locations;   In Asia - China, India, Bhutan, Pakistan, Nepal, and Thailand; In South America - Ecuador; In Africa - Kenya, South Africa, Togo, Nigeria, and Benin; In North America - Mexico, South Texas and the Navajo Nation in Arizona.  In these locations, our key leaders are involved in the strengthening of well over 1,000 churches through teaching, discipleship, and leadership development.