Partnering with churches around the world.


God has placed each one of us in the body of believers with individual gifts and abilities, not to build ourselves alone, but to build the body as a whole. It is a team effort and you are an important part of that effort.


Though our involvement in church planting and cultivation requires much physical labor, bottom line, our dependence is not upon ourselves and the things that we are doing and providing and teaching. Our dependence for this ministry is upon God and therefore we greatly value the prayers of God’s people (Hebrews 4:16). If God has given you a desire to become more involved in FBC global missions through prayer support, you can find specific information about all of the churches that we are partnering with in our Global Missions Booklet.


In order for our global missions department to do a good job of teaching, discipling, training, and equipping international pastors and church leaders to bring their churches unto maturity, it takes a serious commitment of both time and finances. Our global missions program receives 20% of all general giving that is given here at FBC, for the carrying out of our global missions strategy. So, any time you tithe or give an offering, you are contributing to global missions. Sometimes there are specific ministry or project needs that various churches have and that we will make known to the body.

In years when our biennial Global Church Focus is conducted here at FBC, there is a great need for people who can make trips to the airport to pick up or drop off our conference attendees. There is also a need for families who are willing to help house the attendees while they are here in town. If you would be willing to help meet these needs during our Global Church Focus times, please use the contact form to get your name on the list.


Each year, FBC sends out at least two short-term missions teams to go and minister on site in one of the international churches where we partner. Joining a future team personally would be a great way for you to increase your involvement in global missions. Even if you can’t or don’t desire to go yourself, you could contribute financially toward helping others who would like to go but don’t have the money themselves. If you have teenagers, consider taking them along on a trip. What a great way for you to not only involve your family in global missions, but more importantly to add to their overall discipleship!

Adopt A Mission

The more that we as a body keep in contact with folks, the deeper our relationships will grow, and the greater our opportunity will be to remain a source of encouragement and blessing in their lives. Community groups can adopt an international partner and engage them through email, Skype, letters and packages. Hear first-hand what is happening in their world and commit to meeting their needs through prayer and support.

Working in the Mission Field

If you are a member of Fellowship Bible Church and you sense the Lord may be leading you to become more deeply involved in FBC global missions or even to become a full time missionary, we would love to discuss this with you. Our missions staff is ready to mentor you in your calling. Please contact our global missions office and we will set up a time to meet with you.