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Did you know that many Christians live out their Christian lives without ever giving a thought to the millions that are still lost around the world? While we Christians focus on our own needs today, thousands will die and enter a Christ-less eternity! Interested in helping your family increase their view and concern for the lost? Interested in helping your family develop a “Global Missions Mindedness”? Here’s a list of some ideas that may be a help to you;

Pray for our partner churches and leaders

Obtain pictures of the National Pastors and church leaders with whom we work and pray for one a day, week, or month. Pray for them as a family before each meal and before going to bed. Here are some printable prayer cards for a few of the church leadership families who we are working with in other countries.

Read missionary stories as a family

Here's a list of some of the early Missionaries that you can research on the internet or purchase books about;

Fun and Games

Use the following downloadable fun and facts pages to become more familiar with our missions partners:

Recommended Readings

The following books can be purchased at Voice of the Martyrs online bookstore or New Tribes Missions online bookstore

In the Presence of My Enemies, by Gracia Burnham
Tortured For Christ, by Richard Wurmbrand
Extreme Devotion, a daily devotional from the Voice of the Martyrs
Hearts of Fire, compilation by the Voice of the Martyrs
Between Two Tigers, compilation by Tom White
God Planted Five Seeds, by Jean Dye Johnson
When Things Seem Impossible, by Jean Dye Johnson
Our Witch Doctors Are Too Weak, by Davey and Marie Jank
Where Spirits Roam But God Reigns, by Annette McManigle (available through FBC)


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