The Truth That Transforms

At some point over the next few week we will probably hear that story again – the one about how Peter cowardly turned his back on Jesus, his friend and Master, and denied Him 3 times just before Jesus was crucified.

Peter had said only a few hours earlier that he would never deny Jesus --- that Jesus could count on him through thick and thin. How tragic.

But then, only a few weeks later we read in Acts 2 an amazing account about this same Peter (who was not really the “same” Peter) stood up before the multitudes and proclaimed a bold witness of Jesus Christ by saying: “This man who you crucified, God has raised him from the dead!” (Acts 2:22-24).


Very simply this: The resurrection of Jesus happened to Peter! And Peter knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus was alive -- and it totally transformed his life.

Let me ask you an important question: What is happening in your life that others can point to as proof positive that God is alive?

A scoffer ask an old Christian one day, “How do you know Christ is risen?” “That’s easy,” said the old saint, “I spent an hour with Him just this morning.”

Has the truth of God's "aliveness" -- resurrection truth – changed you? Made you a better employee or employer? A better husband or wife, father or mother, this past year? A better neighbor? Has resurrection truth given you boldness in your witness; comfort in your grief; joy in the midst of your sorrow; hope in your fears?

May this Easter be more than just a celebration – may His resurrection truth grip us and transform us like never before.
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