Webuye, Kenya • April 2019

Scott McManigle and Jim Pool headed to Webuye, Kenya the first week of March, and spent time teaching and connecting with the leaders for five days. Here’s how it went:

What God is Doing in Webuye, Kenya

The Webuye church has been teaching systematically and progressively through the Knowing God lessons. As they near the end of the series, their leadership asked us to come to teach them Revelation, so they could get a fuller understanding and be better equipped to explain it to the congregation.

Jim and Scott were excited to report that Webuye leaders were deeply thankful for God’s message to them in Revelation. God seemed to address four major things that are giving them more hope and confidence in Who He is and what He’s said:

  1. They have always thought Revelation was just a book of judgment, which caused them to be fearful. But after studying it, they now see how it’s really about God continuing to fulfill His eternal plan of redemption and a culmination of His plan. It’s more about God’s salvation than His judgment, and this brought great hope and encouragement to them.
  2. They understand more clearly the rapture and the events of the tribulation and that the church will not be a part of the tribulation. That truth brings them great rest and hope in the Lord.
  3. In Kenya, the government is requiring its citizens to receive a registration number. Without this number, people will not be able to buy or sell things. The people were afraid to get the number because some pastors are telling them it is the mark of the beast. They are now free to get the number without fear because they see that when the time comes for the mark of the beast to be given they will be in heaven with the Lord.
  4. They now feel confident to teach the book of Revelation to the church. We recorded every session and left them with a copy of it all, so they can go back and re-listen to any or all of it for future teaching.

Where We’ve Been

The Webuye church has come a long way from its simple beginnings back in 2007. But God has been faithful to this small group of believers. Even when the first pastor we partnered with, Wycliff, was tragically killed in an accident in 2009 and the congregation dwindled to just four people, they continued looking to the Lord. And God has continued showing up. His love for the church is clearly seen in how He has protected, guided, and slowly but surely raised up several men to lead the Webuye church. They now have six leaders, and the congregation on Sundays reaches around 30-40. They have programs for the children, the women are getting together to study, and God is using them to reach out and help other churches.

Where We’re Headed, And How You Can Be Involved

God is truly using this church and its leadership to bring many other people, pastors, and thereby churches to a firm foundation of the truth. We’re grateful God is allowing FBC to partner and walk alongside this vibrant body of believers.  As we look into the future months, here’s how you can be praying for them specifically:
  • Wisdom for the Webuye leaders over the next several months as they teach the book of Revelation to the congregation. They started the study on Sunday, March 17th!
  • There are a lot of mosquitoes because the government does not spray in the area. The week before we came William’s (the head pastor) wife, Sylvia, was in the hospital with malaria. She is fine now, but there are many cases of malaria in the area. Pray for physical health and protection for the people.
  • Pray that God will continue to provide for needs both personal and ministry-related. People need to buy land to build houses, others need funds for car repairs, churches need money to buy land for a church, and some churches have the land but need the money to build the building.
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