Malawi Update • May 2019

Last month, Scott and Jim Pool flew to Malawi for a special time with our brothers and sisters in the Chichewa people group. They came back incredibly encouraged by where the people have grown spiritually. Check it out:

Where We’ve Been with Malawi

As we marvel at what God’s doing in Malawi, it helps to look back and see how they and we have grown together since the work was born in 2014.

In August 2014, we sent a team of four men to explore the possibility of partnering with the Chichewa people. It seemed clear to us at the time that God wanted us to partner with the Chichewa churches, and over the next year, Scott McManigle, Mike Thomas, and Cedric Chippendale from South Africa met a couple of times in Malawi to study, translate, and teach the Creation To Christ lessons.

September 2016 brought us to the next level with the young but growing Malawi church; Tim McManigle and Mike Thomas went to see them (video), teaching through Knowing God during the day and the Red books at night. It was an intense but valuable time.

During our next in-person connection with the Malawi believers in Spring 2017 (video), it became obvious that some big pieces were disconnected in their minds. We realized that although we’d shared a lot of crucial truth with them, they needed us to work through each lesson one-by-one and in more detail. Over the course of our next several trips, we slowed down to dive more deeply into the Word and Christian Life principles.

Where God Has Brought Us

Our most recent trip to see our Chichewa family was the most encouraging yet. A lot of light bulbs seem to be coming on for the people right now. It’s an exciting time of growth, as God has prepared His people to soak up deeper truths and connect more dots about who He is.

Specifically, the people are learning a lot about the role of the Holy Spirit in their lives through studying the books of Acts and Romans. Their position in Christ is becoming clearer. They’re understanding that they have the Holy Spirit inside of them and are ministering in the Holy Spirit.

They also seem to be taking hold of the assurance and security that comes with their salvation; stepping from fear to faith that God truly has accomplished for them what He says He did. Christ’s love is really taking root in their hearts.

The translation team expressed how thankful they are to have studied through Romans with us and understand the book in ways they never have before. And as the translators articulated truth back to us, it confirmed in our minds that the concepts really are sinking in and becoming solidified in their hearts.

Where We’re Headed, And How You Can Be Involved

We’re ecstatic at how we’ve seen the Malawi church grow! But like with all of us, God has more work to do in them. As we continue to come alongside the Chichewa people, we’re depending on the Lord to illuminate His Word for them - and we know He wants to! Here are some specific ways you can pray for them in the coming months:
  • Pray that God will continue to give the leaders and the people in the churches a spiritual understanding of His Word and all that He has done.
  • Pray for the translation team, that they will have spiritual clarity as they translate Romans over the next few months.
  • Pray for the leadership team as they make decisions regarding the future direction and leadership of the ministry.
  • Pray for the desire to reach out to the people in the neighboring country of Mozambique
  • While we were in Malawi, Cedric developed severe deep vein thrombosis. Pray for pain relief and his full recovery.
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