Memorial Day

Courage & boldness are qualities that everyone can admire. On Memorial Day around this country, veterans will stand at attention, saluting our flag, and will no doubt be recalling to mind the names and faces of buddies that responded with uncommon courage and gave their lives that they might live and we might be free.

As Christians, boldness is something that when it’s possessed, can have a powerful impact on those who witness it.

  • Imagine a Christian High School student being urged by friends to drink or use drugs – but he declines and instead tells them about Jesus.
  • Imagine a college student in a class hearing the teacher ridicule the resurrection of Christ and she raises her hand and stands up for the historicity of that event.
  • Imagine a businessman being asked by his boss to do something dishonest “for the sake of the company” and he stands up for his Christian convictions and shares Who His true boss really is.

When we look back at the early church in the book of ACTS I think we can find the word “boldness” written on just about every page.

  • Peter was boldly preaching
  • Stephen was boldly dying
  • Philipp was boldly witnessing
  • Priscilla was boldly discipling
  • Paul was boldly evangelizing

In spite of opposition and even threat of death, Christ-followers went about proclaiming Jesus Christ.

Today the church of Jesus Christ needs Holy Spirit empowered boldness as much as those first followers of Jesus. The religious freedoms that so many Americans fought and died for are slowly slipping away and we are living in days that are increasingly becoming hostile to Christianity. May God empower us as never before to stand boldly for His truth – and do it full of grace and love – for His eternal glory.

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