Biblical Counseling Advocates

Extra encouragement, support, accountability, and prayer 
Fellowship Bible Church’s biblical counseling ministry utilizes “Advocates” – men and women who have been agreed upon by the counselees and who attend the counseling appointments as prayer companions and supporters for the counselees.  These “advocates” have varying levels of counseling training and serve to help the counselee get through the homework and to apply what they are learning.  These advocates are sometimes friends of the counselee and sometimes are just part of the counseling ministry. They abide by the confidentiality requirements in the same way our counselors do.

Step one - Watch this video

Step Two - Read the Training Material

Step Three - Complete the Advocate Form

Request a copy of Biblical Counseling: What to Expect by Lou Priolo from the Biblical Counseling office at [email protected] or call the church office at 540-662-7743.

Use of Advocates for Counselors

The practice of adding another person to the counseling session for prayer support and accountability to the counselee.

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