For even the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve...

Mark 10:45

Here at Fellowship, we want to be fully engaged in meeting the needs of the people around us. We want to take action in our community in response to the challenge Jesus gave to all believers; to love their neighbor and their neighborhood. We want to be actively involved with sharing good news and good deeds.

Join us in our desire to ignite a passion for the lost in the life of every believer. Develop a craving in your own life to be salt in the world, always seeking opportunities where you can help fulfill the needs of our city and surrounding communities. Impact and influence the community with the light of Christ by taking His light from INSIDE the walls of Fellowship Bible Church OUT to the community.

Be a part of something great.

Use your Spirit-given gifts to serve.

Every single person whom God has called to Himself through Christ has been given a gift to use in the Church. You are valuable to God. Throughout the year we have opportunities for you to use those gifts in service to our community. Take a look at what's coming up and see how you can be involved.
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Evangelism - The Lost Art of Telling Three Stories, Not One

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