NEXT CLASS - September 23, 2022 from 6:30 - 9:30 PM

Does it really matter if I’m a member or not?

Why do I have to take a class to even become a member? Why do I have to sign anything? You may have asked these questions about our membership process, skeptical as to why there seem to be so many “hoops” to jump through.

It’s true. We take membership seriously and with a lot of gravity. Committing yourself to a body of believers is weighty. But it’s also wonderful. When Fellowship Bible Church Members join, they commit to a spiritual family that provides encouragement and support. They are called to a biblical degree of responsibility, service, and sacrifice to their brothers and sisters. Our elders and leaders also pledge to assist our members with care, counsel, prayer and teaching.

Attending a membership class is mandatory for becoming a member at FBC. Our classes are offered a few times a year as Friday night or Saturday morning sessions. The Friday session is 6:30-9:30 PM, or if the class is on a Saturday it runs 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. During the class we'll cover the theological and doctrinal basis of what we believe, our Constitution and Bylaws, and our core values. (Baptism is required for membership at FBC.)

After the membership class, you will be scheduled for an interview with two of our elders (or an elder and a pastor). After the interview, the elders will agree on all membership applications and you will sign a written agreement accepting membership, if you choose to do so.

Membership Class Registration for September 23, 2022 from 6:30-9:30 PM