Get connected to people who love Jesus and will love you 

Circles are better than rows.

In the first century, the Church didn’t have a big worship center or a place for a large congregation to meet. Nor did they have professionally trained staff to teach them. What they did have were homes of believers to meet in small groups to share, learn and pray. (Romans 16:3-16). We desire to grow disciples the same way, through small, intimate groups of people sharing, learning and praying. We call those small gatherings Community Groups. 

If I come to church, why do I need a Community Group?

Community Groups are designed to help us disciple one another, to learn how to apply God’s Word to our everyday lives. The people provide mutual assistance in facing life’s difficulties through prayer, encouragement, counsel, and personal example so that the hardship grows into an opportunity to know the Lord better and to experience His love. Community Groups also provide opportunities to engage your spiritual gifts to build up each other in a loving, Spirit-led environment.

Our groups are hosted in members’ homes and have regularly scheduled times of fellowship, where they study God’s Word together and discuss the issues and challenges of life. These groups are a mix of ages, professions, marital status and in different stages of life. If you are interested in joining one of our community groups, fill out the form below to sign-up.

Become a Leader

Are you interested in helping others grow in their relationship with Christ? Interested in seeing yourself grow in that relationship too? What better way than to serve as a community group leader?

When you lead a group of 8-12 people into a community, who care for one another, study the Word together, enjoy fellowship, and reach out to your neighborhoods. You get the wonderful benefit of following in the footsteps of Christ as people grow and mature in Him by seeing them become disciples of Christ.

If that sounds like something you believe God wants for your next step, we would love to help you. We have coaches who can mentor you, studies that we can point you to, and people who desire to join a group. So consider joining Him in this discipleship effort and be prepared to be amazed at the transforming work that God will do in all of our lives.