Get to know the staff and leadership of Fellowship.

Elder Leadership Team

Mark Carey

Mark is from Nebraska, a farm boy who raised hogs and ended working with sheep (pastoral ministry). A graduate of the U of Nebraska and Dallas Theological Seminary, Mark has enjoyed pastoring two incredible churches: one back in rural Nebraska and for the past three decades as senior pastor of Fellowship Bible Church. Mark is married to Lisa, a pursuer of God, and together they raised four children (also pursuers of God) who have given them at last count six grandchildren. Mark’s passion is summed up in Colossians 1:28-29: to proclaim Christ so that every person can be presented complete in Christ.

Dave Compton

Dave and his wife Deanna have been members at FBC since 1995. They both grew up in Christian homes and both attended Cedarville University, where they met. Their two sons, Matt and Adam are both grown and living in Virginia. Dave has spent his years at FBC serving in the music and children’s ministries. You will find him each Sunday morning teaching in the fourth grade learning center or playing the trumpet in the worship band. Dave and Deanna attend the FSAT services.

Phil Covell

Phil and his wife, Jo Ellen have been members of FBC since 1995. They have four grown daughters and nine grandchildren. They began serving the church in 1995 as leaders of a small group. Phil was added to the Board of Elders in 2,000. His motivation for serving has been to join the leadership in the church to ensure FBC is dedicated to present every person complete in Christ through strong ministries and programs. Phil’s contribution has been towards encouraging members as they grow in Christian maturity. Phil and Jo love music and enjoy worshipping together with song. They also enjoy spending time with their children’s families locally and in several parts of the Nation.

Scott Newlin

Scott and Janet Newlin have been members of FBC for more than twenty-five years. They are Winchester natives who raised two children and are now enjoying their eight grandchildren. Scott has been an elder and part of the FBC mission team for over twenty years. He enjoys studying God’s word, writing and teaching. His passion is to see the lives of His people transformed into Christlikeness.

Greg Perkins

Greg is married to Tammie and has five children, Amanda, Adam, Hannah, Natalie, and Reagan.  Greg has attended FBC since 1996 and currently serves as an elder,  is a member of the Counseling Leadership Team and along with Tammie leads a community group for young adults.  He desires to help people understand the wonderful grace of Christ that he has come to know through the teaching and fellowship at FBC.  He also desires to see people connect both to each other and to the ministries of the church. Greg enjoys spending time with family, reading, and a perfectly mowed yard (It should look like a baseball diamond).

Les Sillars

Les and Jennifer Sillars have been members of FBC since 2002 and Les has been an elder since 2017. Most of their ministries have involved helping people better see their lives in light of biblical truth. They both work at Patrick Henry College (Jennifer in the library, Les teaches journalism). They are vaguely astonished to find themselves old enough to be grandparents, yet they are, and they’re really happy about it.

Mike Thomas

Mike and Donna have three grown and married children and two wonderful grandchildren. Mike has been an elder at Fellowship Bible Church since 2006 and considers it a privilege to under-shepherd this local body of Christ. He once responded to the question “Why do you want to be an elder?” with “If Christ died and rose for His Church what could be more important to give my life and energies to than that?” Mike and Donna enjoy the outdoors on foot, sometimes getting there by car. We also enjoy being with our families!

Pastoral Staff

Mark Carey

Senior Pastor

Mark is from Nebraska, a farm boy who raised hogs and ended working with sheep (pastoral ministry). A graduate of the U of Nebraska and Dallas Theological Seminary, Mark has enjoyed pastoring two incredible churches: one back in rural Nebraska and for the past three decades as senior pastor of Fellowship Bible Church. Mark is married to Lisa, a pursuer of God, and together they raised four children (also pursuers of God) who have given them at last count six grandchildren. Mark’s passion is summed up in Colossians 1:28-29: to proclaim Christ so that every person can be presented complete in Christ.

John Morrison

Pastor of Biblical Counseling

John has been married to Diane for 37 years. They have four children, two children-in-law and two grandchildren, most of whom live in Texas where John and Diane came from over 25 years ago. As Pastor of Biblical Counseling, John's responsibility is to encourage the church to engage more fully in authentic fellowship and to equip Biblical counselors to do the work of the ministry (Eph. 4) by training, resourcing, supervising, and supporting them. John is so confident of the freedom for which Christ has set us free that he desires more than anything to help people see that the chains are off and we have been set free. John is an exuberant Texas Longhorns fan! Hook ‘em!
Masters in Biblical Counseling, Masters of Divinity - Dallas Theological Seminary

Don Den Hartog

Pastor of Biblical Education

Don and his wife Patty have four married kids and have been at FBC since 2004, where Don serves as Pastor of Biblical Education. His role is two-fold: to provide classes where the Bible is taught accurately and secondly, facilitate small groups where believers, in community, will encourage one another in Christ. For Don, trout, pheasants, and college football bring fun but joining Patty in being grandparents of 13 great kids brings greater joy.

John Avery

Pastor of Family Life

John is married to Susan and they have five adult children and seven grandchildren. He grew up in southwestern Michigan where he came to know Christ and grew in his desire to serve the Lord in ministry.  As the Pastor of Family Life, John desires to see families strengthened in their relationships with each other and intentionally growing in authentic relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  He enjoys nothing more than spending time with his family and any time a Chicago sports team wins he’s a happy guy.

Mike Lukens

Pastor of Worship & Creative Arts

Mike and his wife Laurie have three adult children, Katie, Michael, and Abigale and have been at FBC since 1991. He serves as the Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts and oversees the worship gatherings at FBC. Mike desires to point people to the glories of God and His grace poured out at the cross. He has a passion for seeing the church gather together to celebrate and respond to God’s greatness. He has a love for coffee, hiking, and photography. All three at the same time make for a good day!

Charlie Spencer

Pastor of Children's Ministry

Charlie has been a Children’s Pastor for 26 years, with the past 13 years at FBC. He and Sharon have been married 41 years and have three adult children and three grandchildren. Charlie’s passion is to see children nurtured and trained in the Scriptures in order for them to see their need for a Savior in Jesus Christ at an early age and to become lifelong disciples of Christ.
Master of Arts in Christian Education - Dallas Theological Seminary

Dennis McNutt

Pastor of Student Ministry

Dennis joined the FBC staff in January of 2017 after having attended for 17 years serving in various roles. He is married to Ivette and has five children. Previously he worked for a local manufacturer as an Energy and Facilities Manager and served in the U.S. Navy as a nuclear operator. Dennis’ prayer for our students is that they would know the love of Christ. His hope for the youth ministry is that we would be characterized by the simple Christianity stated in 1 John 3:23 - that we would “believe in the name of His Son Jesus Christ and love one another, just as He has commanded us.”

Scott Santmier

Pastor of Local Outreach

Scott met his wife Karen in high school. Together they have four children and four grandchildren. Yearly family vacations are a cherished and required calendar event for them. Scott has the heart of an artist and loves to create in any medium.  As Pastor of Local Outreach, he has a desire to see every Christ follower realize that they are missionaries to the people they work and live beside. You may have heard Scott ask; “Do you think Jesus really meant it when He said - love your neighbor”?

Scott McManigle

Pastor of Global Missions

Scott is married to Annette and they have four adult children and eight amazing grandchildren!! Before Scott became the Global Missions Pastor here at Fellowship, God used he and Annette to plant and establish churches among the Northern Pwo Karen people in Thailand. Now Scott travels extensively to help teach and equip pastors and church leaders in many different countries. His desire is to see each pastor equipped to disciple their churches unto a mature faith. Scott loves his family, coffee, hunting, fishing, and talking about the finished work of Christ and what it means for us as believers.

Jim Pool

Associate Pastor of Global Missions

Jim is excited about and loves what God is doing inside the walls of Fellowship, but his primary ministry happens in the world outside our local community. As the Associate Missions Pastor Jim focuses on the 17 countries and hundreds of churches that we are currently working with, building relationships with church leaders and equipping them to lead their churches unto maturity. Jim, his wife Rachel, and their two kids Henry and Calvin are thankful to be a part of what God is doing around the world. You can always find a stash of Starbucks Vias next to his well-worn passport for emergency coffee needs while traveling.

John Van Drunen

Executive Pastor

John met his wife Lauren in the hallways of Fellowship Bible Church between services. Today they are excited to be raising their three energy-filled young boys around the community of the church. John came to the church from over a decade of service with the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, having served as their Executive Vice President and General Counsel. He is both a CPA and an attorney and excited to use these resources in overseeing the administration of the Fellowship Bible Church. His desire is to see the body of Christ grow in the encouragement of Ephesians 4. John and his family enjoy getting into the great outdoors by camping and hiking.

Jerry Harpool

Pastor of Senior Adults

This picture does not do me justice, even though it looks exactly like me. It captures my 73 years perfectly and proves that I am in the right ministry dealing with the Senior Adults at FBC. My beloved wife Jan (in whom I am well pleased) and I have the privilege of ministering to the Encore Class (60+). It allows me the opportunity to teach God’s Word, to care for the pastoral needs of this group, and to experience real fellowship by sharing community. We have three African-American daughters (all born in Africa) who are married to our three, multi-talented sons-in-law, who have provided us with five exuberant and exceptional grandchildren that we can regularly spoil. We are blessed!

Ben Santamaria

Pastor of Hispanic Outreach

Ben has been with FBC three years pastoring the Hispanic community in the area with the vision of reaching out to the community and teaching them about the Grace and love of God. He is married to Gaby and has two adult children. All of Ben's family were born in Mexico City which helps him to understand the difficulties that the Hispanic community goes through while living and trying to adjust to a different country. Ben enjoys reading, teaching, and watching TV with his eyes closed.

Rich Brito

Pastor of Visitation

Rich is married to Karen and has one adult daughter, Kaiti, son-in-law, Kevin, and one granddaughter, Kora. Rich was previously the Congregational Care Pastor but has now retired to part-time as Pastor of Visitation. Rich desires to continue to help lead the congregation in genuinely caring for one another through selfless acts of service, visitation, and general kindness. He continues to be active with a group of over 50 men in the Crack of Dawn Men’s Study on Thursday mornings.

Support Staff

Get to know the group that keeps Fellowship rolling behind the scenes. 

Karen Santmier

Children's Worship Coordinator
Karen is married to her high school sweetheart, Scott, and has four children and four grandchildren. She is the KidZone Worship Director and has a passion for bringing honor and glory to God by training true worshippers. Pointing children and teens to Jesus is her passion, and she loves doing that in her home and here at Fellowship Bible Church. Karen loves time with her family, enjoys taking walks in the woods, going to the Outer Banks, and reading a good book.

Tara Jones

Nursery & Little Hearts Coordinator
Wife of Joshua and mother of three beautiful and rowdy children, Josiah, Eli and Addison. Tara serves as Nursery and Little Hearts Director at Fellowship Bible Church. Her passion is watching children fall in love with Jesus and coming alongside parents as they lead their families. She loves coffee and family vacations. 

Caroline Lieberman

Preschool Coordinator
Now that her four children are grown, Caroline and her husband Jeff are enjoying some much needed traveling together when they get the chance. Being involved in Children’s Ministry for over 20 years allows her to fulfill a passion for serving the families here at FBC by supporting the many wonderful volunteers that teach Jesus to the preschoolers. Where else can you color, eat goldfish, and learn just how much Jesus loves you?! She also has the most perfect granddaughter and a puppy who is sweet but not very bright.

Annie Jones

Nursery & Preschool Coordinator (FSat)
Annie is married to husband John Mark, and they have four children (three of whom are teenagers!). As the nursery and preschool coordinator for Fellowship Saturday, she is able to get her "baby fix" by loving on and sharing Jesus with some super sweet babies, toddlers, and preschoolers every week. Annie desires to provide a nurturing atmosphere for the little ones in her care so that all members of the family can have a positive, faith-building experience. This position has been a blessing to Annie and her daughters who jump at the chance to serve alongside her each Saturday.

Mark Francis

Worship Leader & Events Production Manager
Mark has been an active member of Fellowship since 2000, serving over the years in many aspects of ministry. As a worship leader, he loves seeing people engage with God through singing along with coordinating the musicians to help accomplish that goal. He also assisted in the launching of the Fellowship 3 and Fellowship Saturday worship venues. As an event coordinator, Mark’s passion is to see God work in the lives of people through the planning and implementing of the variety of events held at FBC. Mark’s wife is a professor at Shenandoah University and they have two boys, Tyson and Pierce.

Roger Lauck

Technical Systems Director
Roger is a Winchester native and is proudly married to the other Lauck on this page of biographies. His association with technology began with 'Space Invaders' nearly 40 years ago and has taken some interesting turns along the way - leading up to his current role as FBC's Technical Systems Director. In that role, he works alongside the church's ministries to use technology to share the Good News not only locally, but globally. In his downtime, he can be found studying about anything and everything from archaeology to piano to how to speak Spanish (he's pretty sure he single-handedly keeps the 'Dummies' book publishers in business).

Rose Lauck

Worship Production Manager & Creative Designer
Rose Lauck is married to Roger, the Technical Systems Director of Fellowship. Together they have raised three children. She serves as production manager which allows her to use all of her passions - visual arts, music, education and a great love for people to inspire the congregation to worship God using their gifts and to enjoy the giftedness of others.  It’s hard to find her without a cup of coffee in her hand.

Ashton Burzio

Communication Director & Worship Leader
Ashton was born and raised in the Winchester area and has been attending FBC since before he was born. His passions for music and ministry collided while serving with Cru in college. He began working at Fellowship in 2012 doing videography, traveling with missions, worship ministry, and communications. He is passionate about discipleship, the global Church, and worship. Ashton’s ideal day would begin with a strong, black cup of coffee and some cleaning (Type 1 on the enneagram). He met his wife, Sarah Avery, in 2001 when they were just youngsters. They started dating in 2013 and were married in 2015. They have two awesome kiddos named Avonlea and Shepherd, the best dog on the planet named Denali, and three chickens named Gwen, Sage, and Pru.

Courtney Pantalena

Director of Student Ministries & Discipleship
Courtney was invited to FBC at nine years old, and she hasn't left since! She joined our staff in 2014 as Director of Student Ministries and Discipleship. Her passions include seeing students make faith their own, music, counseling, playing outside, and talking about her adorable cat named Kitten. She loves the motto: Regularly preach the gospel to yourself and to each other. Her hobbies are breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Caleb Pearson

Director of Student Ministries & Discipleship
Caleb has been a member of FBC for his entire life. His passion for ministry in response to the gospel rests in simply being a vehicle for the Holy Spirit. A voice for the unborn and a resource for those both young at heart and in their faith, he is fueled by the forever standing of God’s word (Isaiah 40) and the joyous privilege it is to suffer for Christ’s name (James 1). He is a zealous teacher, knows a tremendous amount about the TV show Lost, and enjoys finding Jesus in the entertainment industry.

Lisa Williams

Women's Counseling Supervisor
Lisa grew up in a Christian home as a result of missionaries who impacted her parents while living on Okinawa. She and Don have enjoyed being married for thirty-seven years. Their home has been blessed with two daughters and a son who are all now adults. More recently brought into the family were two more to love, their daughter-in-law and son-in-law. Lisa deeply loves God’s Word and treasures it all the more having gone through a life-threatening health issue in her early thirties. In her counseling role, she longs for other women to know more of Jesus. For them to experience His love and that He can be trusted in and through the difficult relationships and circumstances of life. Her favorite place to be is in her quiet time room at Sunrise with the beads hanging in the window sparkling in the early morning light.

Deborah Clark

Care Coordinator
Deborah has been married to her husband, Randy, for almost 42 years and they have three children and nine grandchildren. As Congregational Care Coordinator, it is Deborah’s mission that members of the body of Christ minister His love to one another and that His compassion be felt in times of need. She is a member of the Auxiliary of The Gideons International and is passionate that all people have a copy of the Word of God and an opportunity to know Jesus. Deborah teaches a self-contained classroom of children with disabilities within the JOY Ministry and is a Stephen Minister. In her SPARE time, she enjoys puzzles of all kinds (except Sudoku!)

Chris Canzurlo

Finance Manager
Chris is married to Joe and they have three adult children, Jesse, Joey, and Grace. Chris is the financial manager at FBC and is responsible for keeping the lights on and clearing paths so the work of the ministries can go forward. In the curling event that is FBC, consider her a sweeper. Chris grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and is also a fan of a certain college football team in the midwest with red uniforms, well, actually they are more scarlet (and grey, and they have a great marching band.)

Larry Mendoza

Facilities Director
From Astoria, Oregon, Larry has been married to Bev for 40 years, has three adult children, six grandchildren, and three dogs. He retired from Fairfax Water in 2010 and began his service to the Lord in 2012. Larry’s role at Fellowship is to make sure the church is ready for all events as well as the weekend services. He and the maintenance staff want to make sure the facilities are clean and glorify God in the process.

Jennifer Wiseman

Assimilation Administrative Assistant & Receptionist
Jennifer is married to Michael and they have 2 sets of children, the “What have we gotten ourselves into” set (Julianna & Justin) and the “We’re going to get it right this time” set (Jonathan & Jacob). Jennifer is the all-around, do-everything, when-you-need-it-done administrative assistant. Jennifer grew up in a remote village in the far east, also known as the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC. Her husband has successfully indoctrinated her into the culture known as Big Blue Nation (AKA - the best college basketball team in the Midwest).

Carmen Dowty

Administrative Assistant - Community Groups, Biblical Education, & Local Outreach
Carmen is married to her sweetheart, Rodney. They have three wonderful children and four fabulous granddaughters. Carmen juggles several ministries and pastors including Adult Biblical Education, Community Groups, Local Outreach, Iglesia Bautista Hispana, and PrimeTimers.  She and her husband are rabid Virginia Tech football fans. When “football therapy” is over, she can be found creating quilts in her “Girl-Cave” aka sewing room.

Lisa Grams

Administrative Assistant - Global Missions
Lisa is married to Mike and has been an Administrative Assistant at FBC since the early 90’s. Currently, she is Admin to the Global Missions Department and loves ministering with people from around the world. She enjoys reading, crafting, and her two extraordinary cats, Gracie and Birdie.

Sherri Libby

Administrative Assistant - Counseling & Care Ministry
Sherri has been married to her best friend, Phil, since 1986. Three sons and a daughter have been gifted to them during that time. Sherri serves as the Biblical Counseling Ministry Administrative Assistant. She considers it a privilege to have a small part in connecting people in need, to the hope found only in God. While she loves being part of the Counseling Ministry, you will find her on Sunday mornings, following her heart in 5th grade. And on rare occasions, you may even find her playing her flute!

Angie LeMay

Administrative Assistant - Children & Youth Ministries
Angie is married to Tim and they have three adult children, Lauren, Ashley, and Drew. Angie is the Children’s and Youth Ministry Administrative Assistant.  Angie is responsible for coordinating events, keeping track of the little people that walk through our doors, and making sure everyone has signed their permission slips. Angie has lived in other states but calls Virginia her home.  She loves the NFC, hiking with her family, gravy and spending quiet time with Jesus every morning.

Marcy Baber

Administrative Assistant - Family Ministry
Marcy was born and raised in Bellefontaine, OH but has called Virginia her home for the last 27 years. She has been married to Chuck since 1998 and they have two kids, Blake and Olivia. She serves as the Administrative Assistant for the Family Life Ministry at FBC supporting women’s and men’s ministries and overseeing the Home Center. She loves spending time with her family and playing games with whoever will play along.

Faye Berkemeyer

Administrative Assistant - Worship Ministry
Faye has been married to Wayne for over 40 years and they have one child and two energetic, lovable toddler grandkids. She is the Worship Team Admin Assistant and newest rookie supporting the music ministry in their multitude of tasks. Faye grew up in North East MD, spending many days at Sandy Cove Bible Conference. She has been a church pianist since age 13 and loves singing, playing piano, playing with grandkids, organizing, clipboards, quilting and long drives (and motorcycling), but participating in a music ministry where worship honors the Lord is truly music to her ears.

Kim Byram

Kim is married to Tim Byram. Together they have two children. Caleb who is college student at VA Tech and Sarah a senior at Sherando High school who is heading to VA Tech in August 2019. GO HOKIES! Kim is responsible for the weekly cleaning of the Administration building, Nursery, and preschool. Her desire and prayer is that all the children at FBC will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. 

Rich Petro


Charlie Strother

Custodian & Property Care