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Coming in May

Do you find yourself struggling with conflicts in your family relationships? Join us for the "How to Resolve Everyday Conflict" classes on May 12 and 19 at 9:00 AM and 10:45 AM.

In this class we will learn:
  • The nature of conflict and where it comes from
  • How the Gospel gives life-changing power to heal your relationships
  • Responses to conflict – escaping, attacking, or biblical peacemaking
  • How to bring your conflict to the Lord

Gain the biblical insight you need to handle conflicts biblically with love.

Saturdays - January 13 - May 4, 2024

3:30 - 4:45 PM

Instructor: Christy Voelkel
Upstairs in Conference Room A

There is no greater tribute we can offer our King than to pursue an imperishable crown as He Himself pursued it. But when we present ourselves before Him to receive that crown, how will He judge our works?

Where First Samuel focused on the task of pursuing crowns, Second Samuel now shifts into the next phase, which is the assessment of works for a reward. The narrative takes us through a series of characters who, when they present themselves before the king, their works are judged for a reward or punishment in varying degrees. Even as King David judges those in his kingdom, he himself must face the Great King and stand accountable for his own works.  

All rewards flow from the heavenly King through His anointed king. There are right and wrong kings with whom to align yourself, but even loyalty to the right king can’t be lip service only. There are right and wrong ways to pursue a reward; there are also right and wrong reasons. The king doesn’t just look at the actions but the heart, and many people lose the reward when they make wrong assumptions about the king’s values and agenda and without considering his heart on the matter. This is the lesson of Second Samuel: learning the king’s values, his heart, and how he judges for reward or punishment.


Sundays - January 14 - May 5, 2024 (skipping 3/31/2024)

9:00 AM

Hebrews: Strength in Christ

Instructors: Ron Scicluna and Brad Den Hartog
Upstairs in Room 2-2 a/b

The Book of Hebrews is similar to other NT epistles in that it is written to believers.  It is unique, however, because it is written in the form of a lecture on doctrine rather than a typical NT letter.

First of all, it discusses in detail the supremacy of Christ and how that forms the foundation for the very important and extremely necessary “bridge” between the Mosaic Law (Old Covenant) and the grace we now have through the cross of Christ (New Covenant).  It introduces Christ as the merciful, faithful, and loving great high priest who continuously intercedes on our behalf before His Father. The writer also pulls together verses and stories from the OT as examples of both the benefits of holding onto our faith in God during trials and the penalties that can result if we allow our faith to “drift away” from what we know is absolutely true.

Overall, Hebrews is a message of encouragement to us today. It reminds us of the hope for rest and comfort we have in Christ, even in the midst of immense personal challenges.  For this reason, we need to patiently persevere in our faith, knowing that the supremacy and sovereignty of Christ is able to overcome any trials we may face. This epistle also stands as an exhortation to turn to Christ and seek His face, to continually walk by faith, to live in the light of the hope set before us, to trust in His goodness and His love for us, and to not allow our circumstances to distract us and steal our joy and our blessings.


10:45 AM

The Supremacy of Grace

Instructors: Jim Pool, Josh Patterson, and Micah Doerksen
Upstairs in Room 2-1

For achieving accurate bible interpretation, we all know the importance of context. Every verse is in the context of a chapter, and every chapter in the context of a book, but that’s often about as broad as people go in their context. 2 Timothy 1:9 shows us that there is a much broader context that must be factored into our perspective of the content of every book. Before the foundations of the earth, God predetermined the eternal plan of redemption that would be centered in or fulfilled by Christ, and that would be on the basis of “grace” (God giving mankind what he doesn’t deserve). God’s creation of that plan, preparation for its fulfillment, its actual fulfillment, and its ensuing results provide that “grand story” in which every book of the Bible finds its ultimate context.


The Book of Job 

Instructor:  Stuart Myers
Upstairs in Room 2-2 a/b

Why do bad things happen to good people? Why do good things happen to bad people? What possible purpose could be served by such things? Where is God while all of that is happening?

The Book of Job records the efforts of Job and his friends to come to grips with these questions. The friends argue that Job must have done something to cause God to punish him so severely and urge him to repent. Job maintains his innocence throughout and asks for a hearing before God so he can make his case face to face with the Almighty.

Finally, God appears in might and majesty and responds to the questions that have been raised- but not in the manner Job, nor his friends, expected.

Join this guided discussion study to learn more about God, His sovereignty, and glimpses of the Gospel from the oldest book of the Bible.


The Joy of Discovery

Instructor: Joe Rossi
Upstairs in Room 2-3

Observe, Interpret,  Apply, and Rejoice. This inductive Bible study method applies to individual study, group study, and discipleship. The class will use the "Joy of Discovery in Bible Study" guide. "The purpose of The New Joy of Discovery in Bible Study is to engage readers in learning Bible study skills that will encourage them to become "discoverers"—no longer dependent on others to gain insights into Scripture—and experience joy in the process."* This class is going to have homework.

"The Joy of Discovery in Bible Study" by Oletta Wald would be a beneficial purchase for this class.  

*From The Joy of Discovery in Bible Study


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