Who are you?

Really, Who Are You?

Every year during this season, graduating seniors are being riddled with questions about what they’re going to do next. Since our doing flows out of our being; we can struggle knowing what to do unless we know our purpose. Our purpose is lacking without considering our true identity. So ultimately, we need to answer the question “WHO ARE YOU?”

Take a moment to try to answer that question without using any of the following categories in your answer:

Relationships: son, niece, cousin, friend, sister, etc.
Culture: ethnicity, social standing, economic status, etc
Activity: sports, music, job, college major, etc
Attributes: tall, young, blonde, skinny, smart, etc
Personality Traits: introvert, adventurous, Enneagram type, etc

Were you able to come up with an answer? Considering who we are apart from all of these categories, it could be easy to feel lonely, afraid, ashamed, or empty. These feelings come from an identity that has been passed to us from the original man, Adam. This was the experience right after the Fall in Genesis 3:7-11. BUT, if you have placed your faith in Jesus, the Bible teaches that your old self has been put to death with Jesus. Your identity is now found IN HIM! (Galatians 2:20)

So, who are you, and what is your purpose? 1 Peter 2:9 says believers are royalty, chosen, holy, and that our purpose is to proclaim God’s excellencies! Let’s consider how to fulfill this purpose in the relationships, culture, activities, attributes, and personality traits God has given us. Then, instead of looking to those things to define us, we can use them as areas to proclaim Jesus, our true identity.

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