Building Bridges

Intentional Outreach Where We Live, Work, and Play
The most unreached people group in the world are the one's next door. Missions doesn't begin across an ocean or on the other side of the world; according to Acts 1:8, it starts across the street. The primary mission field for most of us is not far away; it's in the routine of our daily lives, in the places where we live, work, and play. God doesn't save us to be passive spectators. He saves us and then sends us out into the world to live lives that look remarkably like Jesus while looking for opportunities to speak of His grace. Each of us is called to play a part in God's mission of reconciliation — to the people we meet every day. As a church family beginning in January, we will kick off a churchwide Focus entitled Building Bridges, "Intentional Outreach Where We Live, Work and Play."

We look forward to how God will use this upcoming Focus to work in our lives to give us a love for and desire to reach lost people in our world.

Ways to be involved:

  • Every weekend
    • Prayer at FSAT from 6:20-6:40 PM and Sundays from 10:20-10:40 AM in Hospitality Suite, everyone is invited!
    • Bridge Building Cards - connecting the idea throughout the week
  • Sunday, January 29 @ 12:30 PM - Church-wide Prayer Walk - Walk around Quarles Elementary School.  Come straight from church, and then go to lunch with those you prayed with afterwards.
  • February 18/19 and February 25/26 - Weekend Cooperate Gathering with a special emphasis on Building Bridges
  • Sunday, February 26 - let's spend the day together!
    • At 12:30 PM: Local Neighborhood Prayer Walks (locations coming soon)
    • At 5 PM: Potluck at Fellowship Bible Church - bring a dish to share
    • At 6 PM: Baptism Service
  • Sunday, April 2: Local Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunts
  • April 8/9: Easter Worship Services

Bridge Building Cards

Starting January 8, a new Bridge Builder Card will be available to pick up and collect from the Home Center (and on the sermon notes stand in the auditorium). Each card will have a piece of a puzzle printed on the back. The completed puzzle is a painting of Deer Rapids Bridge by Scott Santmier.

Collect all 15 pieces, take a picture of the completed puzzle, and send the pic and a short story of how God has used you to build bridges into the lives of those you live, work, and play with to [email protected] You will receive a frameable print of the painting and have your name put into a drawing for the framed original painting. Each week will have the following:
  • Debut: This is the main focal point of the card and for your week.
  • Discover:   We will give you a couple of foundational verses to read and meditate on during the week.
  • Discuss: After reading and meditating on the "Discover" scripture, here are a few questions to ponder on your own and discuss with family and friends.
  • Do: This is your opportunity to step out in faith this week and act on what you have "Discovered" and "Discussed." In Jesus' model prayer in Matthew 6, He says, "Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, On Earth as it is in Heaven." By taking the time to be Christ's Ambassador faithfully, you can bring to "Earth" a bit of the flavor of "Heaven" and the "Kingdom" right now. 

Let's us know if you have questions.

We'd love to hear from you.