Financial Counseling

Financial Struggles?  We can help!

Are you struggling financially? Would you like to:

• Assess where you really are financially
• Establish and maintain a workable budget
• Spend less than you make
• Become unified in your home financial management
• Give more faithfully
• Figure out how to save when daily and monthly bills are already so hard
• Work out a repayment plan with creditors
God has much to say in His Word about money - our attitude towards it and how we can use it, save it and give it in such a way that we are not imprisoned by it and in such a way that God gets the glory. If we can help you move in that direction through one of our financial ministries, please fill out the form below.

Financial Peace University

Submit your financial life to Christ and let Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University show you how. Take control of your financial future by taking the steps that millions have taken to become DEBT FREE. You will learn to live like no one else now, so later you can live and give like no one else!  NEXT CLASS - February 25, skip March 31, and end on April 28, 2024!  

Biblical Financial Counseling

This is a longer-term assistance of managing resources, typically involving 2-5 months of 2/month meeting with a biblical financial counselor or two (women with women, men with men, couples with couples when available). This financial counsel involves a biblically informed financial assessment as the first step (see above), income, outgo and budgetary plans determined in tandem with the counselor, and then advice and support which if followed, will generally lead to an improvement in your financial status, management, peace and unity. In some benevolence situations involving more chronic requests, we may require this step as a condition for future possible monetary gifts. 


All of us sometimes come into places in our lives where the financial needs are greater than our ability to meet the obligations. Sometimes this is the primary result of our planning or lack thereof and sometimes the primary result of adverse circumstances. Whatever the cause, we as a church desire to help fellow members and regular attenders of Fellowship Bible Church who come on hard times, by making contributions to your areas of need. For example, an electric bill and gas bill after a couple bad months may be more than a person/family can handle. Or maybe a layoff has made it hard to pay the rent or mortgage. Whatever the need, when you have exhausted asking family for help, please make use of your church family. 

Let's work together.

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