Global Prayer

Up-to-date, relevant prayer requests from our friends around the world.

February 2024


Simon & Mary N. - Nairobi
  • We will be having a conference here at our church on 29th February to 3rd March. The study will be on 1 Timothy. Pray that God will bring hungry hearts.
  • A lot needs to be done at Mary's school to fulfill government requirements for the registration of the school. Pray that God will provide.
  • Pray for us as a family so that we may be strong to continue in ministry and the school.

Zacheus & Gloria C. - Pokot
  • Pray that God will continue to open these opportunities for growth of the men, women and young people going through the lessons.
  • Pray for the key men (Timothy’s) to continue in the teachings as well as ground the churches in Christ and His grace.
  • Pray for the church as they are faced with the challenge of supporting their kids in high school and colleges.
  • Pray for the continuation of the teachings for the sake of Christ and His grace.
  • The area is so wide and the teaching demand is still so high. Pray for us and the identified Timothy's to continue sticking in the teachings and grounding the church.
  • The cost of living is so high and has brought many parents difficulty in schooling their kid,. as even provision of the basic needs has become a challenge.
  • Pray for security and peace among the Pokot and her neighbors, especially down the valley. The Timothy's in the area are faced by insecurity as they grow churches in West Pokot border and Turkana, East Pokot and Uganda where the crop up of insecurity is an issue.
  • Pray for the newly planted churches to be grounded in the truth, as they grow in the faith, as they need more time with the Timothy's and regular visits from us.
  • We are also praying for God to grow up more Timothy's as we have more opportunities coming up in the larger Pokot area, as well as its neighbors like Marakwet, areas of Kitale

James & Veronica L. - Pokot
  • Pray for the Church Elders, Women and Youth conference within the church in  Chepareria.
  • Keep our young pastors, whom I work with, in your prayers so that they may be teachable in Grace.
  • Three of our Churches do not have good Church structures. Pray with us so that new permanent structures may be constructed.