Keystone Adults of Fellowship

Thursdays at 7:00 PM (ages 18-29) 
As the Keystone Adults of Fellowship, we seek to hold together and cherish a body of young believers through a thriving present ministry for those of us that are the future of the Church and world.
The 18 to 29's time of life can be incredible, but it can also feel incredibly daunting. Navigating culture, Scripture, and the constant bombardment from life is exhausting. At Fellowship, we want to provide opportunities for you to walk alongside friends as the body of Christ and allow you to experience the overflowing LIFE that Jesus promises.

If you're in that 18 to 29 year old range, you aren't just the future of the Church. You are the present Church and God wants to use you in massive ways for His Kingdom and in His Church right now.

Thursday Nights

Every Thursday at 7:00 PM (FBC Lower Level) we get together as a large group to worship, study the Bible, and fellowship. Talks are focused on specific cultural topics and world engagement while we attempt to navigate life and what it looks like to walk with Christ on a daily basis.

There are also huge opportunities for community events and hangouts outside of the large group meeting. Everything from hiking, to movie nights, to discussions on cultural issues, as well as trips and holidays together!


Meet our team! We assist in the planning and execution execution of Keystone’s Ministry Plan.

Back Row (left to right): Kevin Connor, Hannah Watkins, Marisa George, Abby Linaburg, Matt Wallace, Jeremy Linaburg
Front Row (left to right): Amber Welter, Emma Culler, Hannah Pearson, Cole McQuaid, Caleb Pearson 
If you're in this 18 to 29 life-stage, don't walk it alone!

 Current Series

Why Keystone?

'Keystone' is defined as: “locking the whole together.” In stone construction, the keystone serves as the pivotal point by which all else is held together. In biology, a keystone species plays a crucial role that exceeds the physical restraints of the species; essentially, the impact it has on the environment vastly outweighs its size – a true David-and-Goliath principle.

Keystone Adults embrace God-centered community founded on word, worship, and witness to do just that – bring the youthfulness and freedom of young adulthood into partnership with study, discipleship, and spiritual growth as the present and future Church body.

Let us know if you have any questions. We are happy to plug you in!