“Daniel 11:2-39” - Message

Jun 23, 2024    Tim Sanford

“In the darkest of times, God’s light seems to always find a way to shine through key servants that He raises up. The nation of Israel had walked away from God for the final time.  By 605 B.C. the Babylonians had subjugated Judah and by 586 B.C. had conquered God’s chosen people altogether, destroying Jerusalem and hauling away its people into captivity. The nation of Israel was no more.  And yet, the God of Israel was very much alive and at work.  And that was never more evident than in the life of one man – Daniel. For seventy years Daniel stood unwaveringly as God’s faithful messenger of truth. With undaunted courage, unmuffled clarity, and sincere and humble loyalty to God, Daniel was used to show the world that there is a sovereign God in heaven who rules supreme and is fulfilling His eternal plan for Israel and for all the Nations in accordance with His divine purposes for the ages. God is in charge and there’s no doubt about it! If you want to be encouraged while living in troubling times; if you want to gain insight into what God’s plans are for the future; and if you want to see an example of the type of person God uses for His glory, then join us as we study the Book of Daniel.”