Pouring Out God's Love

The Bible instructs us on how to grow our relationships with others with numerous scriptures that can be referred to as the “one another” passages.  Because God has demonstrated His great love towards us, has given us an example of how to live through the life of Christ, and has empowered us through the Holy Spirit, we can’t help but to naturally “OVERFLOW” with a heart-felt response and pour out that same love to others around us.


Dive deeper into gaining a greater understanding of the “one another” passages with weekly podcast conversations that unpack the scriptural content and the audiences of who should be receiving the “one another's” from us.
OVERFLOW, Part 1 - The Weirs: Meet Brian and Tracy Weir, as they chat with Mark and John Avery, sharing how their family lives out some of the “one another” passages, including how they “pray for one another"

OVERFLOW, Part 2 - The Macias Family: Mark is joined by Julio and Eli Macias along with FBC Elder, Joe Houser, as they discuss the importance of understanding God’s Word and living out God’s Word with a life of “serving one another”.

OVERFLOW, Part 3 - FBC Students: Hear how God is using youth at FBC to OVERFLOW within their families as they “spur one another on to love and good deeds”. Meet Josh Lui and Ryleigh Combs, as Mark chats with them along with Director of Student Ministries, Caleb Pearson.

OVERFLOW, Part 4 - Discipleship: Mark has a conversation with Kaelan Dreyer, Kevin Yost, and Brian Griffin, as they point out the benefits of how others in the local church can be a blessing in our lives, point us to Christ, and even “bear one another’s burdens”.

OVERFLOW, Part 5 - Engagement: Hear about the importance of “greeting one another” and “encouraging one another” in a local church body through Mark’s conversation with some young adults at FBC, Cole McQuaid and Hannah Watkins, joined with FBC Elder Chairman, Greg Perkins.

OVERFLOW, Part 6 - The Dreyers: Mark and Josh Jones have a conversation with Cole and Lindsay Dreyer, as they share stories of how the local church has blessed them by displaying love to their family, which in turn has encouraged them to show love and serve others even more.

OVERFLOW, Part 7 - The Delgados: Meet one of our global church families, Juan and Tirsa Delgado, as they chat with Mark and Jim Pool, an FBC Misisons Pastor, and hear how sharing the good news of God’s grace to others around them is a passion and a calling.

OVERFLOW, Part 8 - The Chemeltoris’s: Get a glimpse of how our global church partnership among the Pokot people in Kenya is making an exponential “overflowing” impact as the grace message of the gospel is being spread to 300+ churches. Meet Zacheus and Gloria Chemeltoris, as Mark chats with them and FBC Missions Pastor, Scott McManigle.

OVERFLOW, Part 9, The LeMay’s: What does it look like to show “hospitality to one another” (I Peter 4:9)? And what does it look like to display that to our neighbors? Listen to Mark’s chat with Tim and Angie LeMay, as they share what hospitality looks like to them and how they celebrate Halloween each year.

OVERFLOW, Part 10 - The Pintos: Meet Al and Sherry Pinto, as they have a chat with Mark and Pastor of Congregational Care and Seniors, Dave Compton, to discuss their passion and heart for others around them who don’t know Christ.

OVERFLOW, Part 11 - The Lynch’s: Learn about how the “love of Christ compels us” (II Cor 5:14) to share God’s love to others around us, especially in this upcoming Christmas season, where Mark F and Pastor John Avery hear stories from Mark and Leigh Ann Lynch of how they engage others around them for the purpose of sharing the gospel.

Prayer Walks

Share some “one another's” with your neighbors! Prayerfully consider what display of love you would want to provide to one of your neighbors. “Prayer Walks” around your neighborhood are good ways to do that!

Other Ideas:

Words of Affirmation - Send them a note and email or text to encourage them, let them know you care.

Acts of Kindness - Do a small favor of practical support, mow their yard, rake leaves, watch their kids for a couple of hours.

Gifts - A gift is a simple expression of care and concern.

Habits take about 8 weeks to create. Take the challenge over the next 8 weeks and bless your neighbors regularly.

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