The Prophetic Bridge

Connecting Daniel and Revelation through the teaching of Jesus

June 8 through 10 (Three part series)

In this three part series that explores the Olivet Discourse from the Gospel of Matthew, we aim to unravel the intricate connection between the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation as taught by Jesus on the Mount of Olives in Matthew 24-25. Through careful analysis of the text, we uncover how Jesus' teachings echo the prophetic visions of Daniel, while also shedding light on the symbolic language and warnings present in the Book of Revelation. By discerning these parallels, we endeavor to provide a deeper understanding of the end times and the ultimate fulfillment of God's divine plan, urging believers to remain vigilant, faithful, and hopeful amidst the trials and tribulations foretold by these ancient prophecies.

Part One:
  • Worship Service
    • June 8 (FSAT) at 5 PM
    • June 9 (F1) at 9 AM
    • June 9 (F2 or F3) at 10:45 AM

Part Two:
  • June 9 at 6 PM

Part Three:
  • June 10 at 7 PM

All three parts of the series will be recorded.

Special speaker - Don Den Hartog

Don and Patty Den Hartog have been married 47 years.  After completing seminary in Dallas, they have been in pastoral ministry for over 40 years in Iowa, North Dakota, and Kansas.  Don was the Pastor of Biblical Education at Fellowship Bible Church for 17 years and moved to McPherson, Kansas in 2021 where Don presently is the Teaching Pastor of Grace Bible Church.  Don is an Iowa native and Patty was born to missionary parents and lived all her growing up years in South America.  God blessed them with four kids, all who have married and given the Den Hartog's 19 grandchildren.

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