Sermon Spotlight Podcast

Discussing and debriefing the sermon and its application every week.
At Fellowship we love our weekend worship services. We believe God has commanded us to gather in this way, to worship, hear the scriptures taught, and experience community with like-minded people. This is a part of being the body of Christ.

But the reality is that our worship services are limited. There are 168 hours in our week and only a couple hours are devoted to those gatherings. That's where podcasting comes in.

Our desire is to continue the conversations started during the weekend and bring Biblical Truth and further application into your week. Every Tuesday, Caleb and company will unpack and debrief the weekend. They'll invite the teaching pastor to participate and expand on anything they might not have had time for, answer questions, and help us apply the scriptures during our week.

Be a part of the podcast.

If you have questions or comments from the weekend services or from recent FBC events, reach out to us here. We would love to shed light on what our congregation is talking about!