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We believe singles are highly valued in the heart of God.

Whether you are called to a life of singleness, or anticipating a future marriage relationship, God has called you to discipleship, service, and community. Here are just a few ways for you to be more intentional in all your relationships.


Pointers provide a biblical perspective on common family seasons and challenges along with resources to help you be even more intentional in your relationships.
>> A Biblical Perspective on Singleness 
>> Single 
>> Hope to Marry 
>> Intentional Single Man
>> Single Parents


Spiritual Gifts

A vital part of the discipleship journey is responding to the call to serve one another with compassion and mercy.

At Fellowship, we provide a wide variety of ministries that help meet the needs of our congregation while providing opportunities for you to develop your particular spiritual gifts in caring for the body of Christ.

Do you know what your spiritual gifts are? Figuring that out opens up a world of possibilities in how you can edify and build up the Church, wherever you are.

Get involved in community.

Small groups aren’t just for families and married people.

There are many couples that host groups of people in their homes who have regular times of fellowship, who study God’s Word together, and discuss the issues and challenges of life. These groups are a mix of ages, professions, marital status’, and in different stages of life. If you are interested in joining one of our community groups, click the link below.

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