Synced: Claiming Technology at Home

Equipping you to claim technology at home and live
synced with God, people, and technology.

Technology is great.  Except when it isn’t.

It’s easy to see how advances in technology can benefit our lives.  Modern medicine, faster and more accessible travel, instant communication to anyone in the world. Technology can be a good gift from the Lord.

But any good thing taken too far can cause problems.  Smartphone addiction, internet pornography, or limited face-to-face interaction can cause barriers to be formed in our relationships.  That’s why we’re talking about SYNCED.

What do you mean, synced?

When things are synced, there is power. Like a football team synced throughout a game or a movement of people synced by a vision, when we’re on the same page we can experience something great.

Synced with God and His word

We are called to be ever-aligning our hearts with God’s ways and His priorities. Is our “state of mind or thinking” in time with God and His standards of behavior? His desire is for each of us to have our hearts and minds daily transformed to fall in line with His heart and His mind. And just like technology, there are serious negative consequences for not being in sync and properly guided by God’s standard.

Synced with each other

Having healthy relationships with others is vital in the life of a believer. As a body of Christ, are we moving and growing in the same direction at the same time? Are we spending time in authentic fellowship with those around us, deepening our relationships with one another? Are we holding each other accountable for our use of technology and caring for others? The consequences of not being spiritually synced together are significant.

Synced with technology

We all are counting on our technologies to be synced with one another. Without being synced, many of our basic technologies would not function properly. GPS, electronic calendars, bank accounts, mobile devices and computers, traffic lights, and the list can go on. When we’re not synced with what new technologies our families have access to, detrimental consequences can happen. Are you controlling your devices or are they controlling you?

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Three 30-minute podcasts to help you navigate technology in your homes.

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A trifold guide to SYNCED.  Read through this on your own and with your family as we start on this journey together.

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Use these contracts as guides to help you set appropriate boundaries for technology use in your personal life.

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Seven easy ways to start claiming technology at home.  Something for everyone!
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